Welcome to Bisschops UltraPanel

Bisschops Ultrapanel is a pre finished fibre cement panel, utilising the latest technology in both panel and painting systems. We have been specialising in Ultrapanel for over 20 years. Ultrapanel is a proven and durable building solution, for both commercial and residential construction, the results speak for themselves, are are on display in some of Perth’s best looking and modern new buildings.

Ultrapanel is a stylishly engineered facade panel made from fibre composite. The panels are fully sealed, and then coated with your desired paint finish. This gives a clean and stylish panel, that is resilient to the harshest of Australia’s weather extremes.

Some major advantages of ultrapanel

  • Graffiti resistant
  • Graphics available
  • Easily maintained (based on routine maintenance)
  • Bacteria resistant
  • Ease of construction (no need for extra trades painters etc)

Ultrapanel has a multitude of uses and applications, below are just a few of these

  • Facia and Facade panels
  • Eave and soffit linings
  • Sunshade and sunhood applications
  • Double sided panels available
  • Window spandrel panels
  • Column Panels
  • Graphics are available


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